Wednesday, June 25, 2008

'Unraveling Man' Released

Paperback, 204 pages
ISBN-10: 1606102478
ISBN-13: 9781606102473

Available now at Kindle!

Unraveling Man is a memoir of emotional and intellectual development. It records ten years of personal growth, journeys, setbacks and breakthroughs by a boy and a man struggling with expectation, intellectualism and hyper-awareness. Written only by compulsion and a desire to record epiphanies and life-changing introspection from the approximate ages of eighteen to twenty-eight, it contains short entries detailing thoughts ranging from disappointment with modern consumerism to a desire to prove a house cat’s love.

The world of the introvert can be beautiful, solitary, disturbing, and dangerous or even deadly. When a human is left to create their own world, they can find new levels of both freedom and despair. This work is presented here with the greatest hopes that it will serve to at least one reader as a guide, a warning, or at the very least, a comfort of fellowship.